adopt wildlife: skunk and bunny

Adopt Wildlife

“Adopt” A Wild Animal: The Guardianship Program

Through our Guardianship Program you can sponsor a wildlife patient. As a guardian you will receive:

  • a natural history of the species you select,
  • a guardianship certificate,
  • a picture of the “Little Lost One“ who you are sponsoring, and
  • a bio-story telling how your specific animal came to us, how it is doing now, and plans for release

PLEASE NOTE: Because there are specific seasons when each species arrives at the Center requiring care most guardianship packages will be sent in July.

“Adoption” Fees

Fawn $100
Fox/Coyote $75
Raccoon $75
Opossum $50
Groundhog $50
Grey Squirrel $50
Bat $35
Cottontail Rabbit $25

How To Become A Guardian

  1. Donate the amount for the animal you wish to adopt, and then…
  2. Email or call 908-362-WILD to let us know that the donation you have given is for the adoption of a specific species (as opposed to a general donation for animal care). We will need your name and mailing address so that we may send you information about your wild baby.