Wild Baby Rescue Center Gives A Huge Thank-You To Team Depot And Blairstown Troop #758

About the Home Depot Event: Wild Baby Rescue Center, a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center in Blairstown, that cares for New Jersey’s injured and orphaned wildlife, has been selected by the Home Depot Team in Newton for a Home Depot volunteer project. On Saturday April 18, 2009 volunteers led by Renee Bochman supplied the man/woman power to build a fawn pen and fox/coyote den to house orphaned and injured fawns, fox kits and coyote pups. Volunteers from Hackettstown Home Depot joined Renee’s team.  “It was an extraordinary day with amazing people who truly care about New Jersey’s wildlife. I don’t know how we will ever thank them enough” said Hope Davison, Executive Director.  “So many animals will profit from their work, both now and for years to come. We plan on naming the first male fawn “Homer Depot” for Team Depot who helped give a little fawns a second chance.”

Posted on: April 18th, 2009 by Michele Lacey No Comments