American Wild Tails

Through American Wild Tails we are pleased to introduce you to animals who have been in our care. We are also thrilled to provide tips for helping wildlife. Education is an important part of our mission.

Kelly staffs the pumpkin painting table of the Open House

Another year comes to a close. We began in January with three tiny Black Bear Cubs. What a memorable way to start. Then came the little pink squirrels and infant …more

Isis - A Rescued Fox

In the year 2009 Wild Baby Rescue Center expanded its services to care for red fox. We helped Daisy, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Nathan and Thor (pictured at left). All suffered from …more

Snickers the Groundhog

Many times well intentioned people find an orphaned wild baby animal and raise it in their homes. More often than not they get attached to the animal and decide to …more

Mia the Fox

Dear fox, if you have mange you are welcome at the Center. We can get you back to your hairy, healthy selves. video: The family who brought Noel to the …more

Little Hawk, a rescued squirrel

So You Think You Had A Bad Day? One day in March a little squirrel fell from a tree. A woman saw him fall and left him for a while …more

Cleopatra, A Rescued Groundhog

A Whistling Diva Cleo was found by some pre-vet students in the goat barn at Cook College, a part of Rutgers University. She was very small and had been kicked …more

Hagrid, A Rescued Raccoon

A Gentle Giant A gentle giant arrived at Wild Baby Rescue Center during Thanksgiving week. He is a raccoon, who at six months old weighs 24.6 pounds, more than double …more

Milliscent, A Rescued Skunk

A Very Short Stay This year we were visited by a baby skunk we named Mili-scent. She was very small, very cold, and very hungry. She was warmed and fed, …more

Flower, A Rescued Rabbit

Flower came to Wild Baby Rescue when she was found lying in the snow in early March. She was about three days old. She was warmed and then fed a …more

bear cubs

By Hope Kosch Davison | Posted February 21, 2010 On Monday, January 18 I received a call that three black bear cubs had been orphaned and needed our help. I …more