Winter Trees

Winter Tips for Wildlife

New Jersey temperature extremes can be tough on wildlife. Help wildlife survive.

It’s Cold Outside!

  1. Supplying seeds, suet and nuts in bird feeders can make life lot easier and may save small birds and mammals from starvation. March is the most difficult month of the year for wildlife to find food. Supplies of natural food, last year’s berries, seeds, fruits and insects are at their lowest level. March is too early for new supplies to have grown.
  2. Provide clean water everyday. When it is below freezing wildlife has no access to water. Invest in a birdbath heater.
  3. Provide food with a variety of native plants, trees and bushes. Make a family project designing a native garden to plant in the spring to provide food and shelter for local wildlife.
  4. Your Christmas tree can be left in your yard for the winter to provide shelter for small birds and mammals.
3 young squirrels

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