When A Squirrel Isn’t A Squirrel At All

Rescued Raccoon: Tucker the RaccoonWild Baby Rescue Center received a call stating that a baby squirrel had fallen down a chimney and into the living room fireplace. The home owner did not want the little one in her home and put it in a box and left it on her front porch. She said she was too busy to help the little one.

A woman passing by heard the baby’s cry and investigated. She told the home owner that she would take the little squirrel to Wild Baby Rescue Center and she was on her way.

She arrived after 10 p.m. one spring evening. As she got out of the car I heard a familiar cry, but it was not the cry of a baby squirrel.

Little Tucker, a raccoon was admitted, a bit dirty with ash, a little bruised, and very cold. He was barley 6″ and weighed ¾ of a pound. We warmed him, washed him and gave him a warm bottle of Pedialyte.

Soon he was taking formula, growing bigger and stronger with each passing day. Tucker was later introduced to 3 new adoptive siblings. They were the last baby raccoons to be released. Now they are wild and free.

Posted on: December 1st, 2010 by Michele Lacey