Cleopatra The Groundhog

A Whistling Diva

Cleopatra, A Rescued Groundhog


Cleo was found by some pre-vet students in the goat barn at Cook College, a part of Rutgers University. She was very small and had been kicked in the mouth by a goat. She had a very swollen lip and a very bloody nose. She was cold and frightened.

She was warmed and bottle fed a very special formula for baby groundhogs. As the weeks passed she grew bigger and stronger and soon became a favorite patient at Wild Baby Rescue. She played with a stuffed teddy bear and loved eating her slurry (a special dish made up of formula, baby fruits and baby cereal).

Many do not know that groundhogs can whistle and Cleo was no exception. She always whistled the loudest to gain attention so that she would to be fed first. She was soon ready for release. She is now free and lives in a woodpile on private property that has a large lawn full of lush vegetation for her to dine on.

Although she will be missed, living free is the goal we strive for.

Posted on: December 1st, 2010 by Michele Lacey