American Wild Tails

Through American Wild Tails we are pleased to introduce you to animals who have been in our care. We are also thrilled to provide tips for helping wildlife. Education is an important part of our mission.

Wild Baby Rescue Center WILL BE OPEN for the Spring 2021. However, due to the current pandemic, there will be some restrictions. We will be receiving orphans directly from several …more


New Orphan Opossum Joeys enjoy their breakfast.

Naomi's Nightmares of Nature

Wild Baby Rescue's Flying Squirrels on tv in the UK! Wild Baby Rescue was featured in a wonderful episode of Naomi’s Nightmares of Nature on CBBC (Children’s BBC). Naomi came …more

Raccoon in hammock

When wildlife comes to Wild Baby Rescue Center, they are frequently here for a while. Tiny orphans must grow up until they can care for themselves. Injured animals must heal …more

Ghost the Fox

See you later, buddy! Ghost goes back to his home in the wild. Ghost has a mate that may have a litter of kits up in the rocks. Now he …more

Milo the Mink

Animals need to be able to be self sufficient when returned to the wild. Milo the mink is practicing for his release. Posted by Wild Baby Rescue Center on Wednesday, …more

Rescued Raccoon: Tucker the Raccoon

Wild Baby Rescue Center received a call stating that a baby squirrel had fallen down a chimney and into the living room fireplace. The home owner did not want the …more

Rescue deer

Our capital improvement this year is a newly fenced-in field for fawns. The area has electric fencing surrounding it as well. Our first test day went well with the fawns …more

Penny - Rescued fawn

Penny, Jake, Clover, Tinker Bell, Cricket, and Homer are just some of the tiny fawns that we cared for this year. Penny (pictured at left) was hit by a tractor …more

He's built himself a den.

A small baby groundhog was found abandoned and was brought to our own Dr. Barry Orange at Lexington Animal Hospital in Clark. The infant was so lethargic and so cold …more