Wild Baby Rescue

Clover and Moonshine

Last Year's Fawn Shows Her appreciation

One of our little fawns, Moonshine, snuck under a low spot in the fencing. Luckily, a good friend was there to help. Read about Moonshine.

Thor fully recovered

What does A Wildlife Patient Do For Fun?

Plenty! Centenary College students complete enrichment projects to stimulate the minds of recovering and developing patients. Read Enrichment.

Thor fully recovered

The Biggest Loser

Snickers the Groundhog never had the opportunity to dig and tunnel, play in the fresh air, or munch on tasty dandelions. She was severely overweight and needed help getting healthy. Read Snickers' Story

Thor fully recovered

Aurora, Mia, Cinderella, Noel, and Bob

Dear fox, if you have mange you are welcome at the Center. We can get you back to your hairy, healthy selves. Read Fox, Fox, and More Fox