Director’s 2010 Address

Kelly staffs the pumpkin painting table of the Open House

Kelly staffs the pumpkin painting table of the Open House

Another year comes to a close. We began in January with three tiny Black Bear Cubs. What a memorable way to start. Then came the little pink squirrels and infant raccoons. Newborn fawns began to arrive five weeks early. Then fox kits, flying squirrels, opossum, groundhogs, rabbits, and many chipmunk pups.

There were gallons and gallons of formula made, thousands of bottles warmed, hundreds of cages cleaned, mountains of dishes washed, and tons of laundry folded. It was a year of amazing volunteers and interns.
Thank-you to the many generous people who cared enough to rescue, return a baby to its mother, transport, donate and/or volunteer.
October ended with our 10th Anniversary Open House (which was a big success!), and our first Coyote named Shenandoah. November brought foxes, Noel and Bob, so thin and sick with mange. Their rescuers went to great lengths to bring them here for care. Noel will be released on Christmas Eve, weather permitting. Bob, still needing to put on weight, will be staying a bit longer.

We ended the year caring for a total of 601 injured and/or orphaned animals.
Everyone should be very proud.

Posted on: December 1st, 2010 by Michele Lacey