Little Hawk The Squirrel

So You Think You Had A Bad Day?

Little Hawk, a rescued squirrel

Little Hawk the Squirrel

One day in March a little squirrel fell from a tree. A woman saw him fall and left him for a while hoping that his mom would return and carry him back up to his nest in the tree. She sat at the window to make sure he was alright.

Suddenly a hawk swooped down and picked up the little squirrel. The woman screamed scaring the hawk and the baby squirrel once again plummeted towards the earth. The woman decided to rescue the baby squirrel and bring him inside. As she left her house the neighborhood feral cat grabbed the squirrel and started off with him. The woman was able to get the cat to come to her and drop the baby squirrel. He sustained several injuries including punctures from the cat’s teeth, a wound from the hawk’s talons and a broken shoulder from one of the falls.

He was given antibiotics and put on small cage rest. The little squirrel had to rest with minimal activity until his shoulder healed but he was very lonely.

Squirrels are very social animals and need the warmth and companionship of other squirrels. A little female was admitted the following day. She was a little younger, very sweet, and made the perfect little sister for Little Hawk. It was love at first sight. We named her Buttercup.

Little Hawk made a complete recovery and the two squirrels were released together.

Posted on: December 1st, 2010 by Michele Lacey