Mili-Scent The Skunk

A Very Short Stay

Milliscent, A Rescued SkunkThis year we were visited by a baby skunk we named Mili-scent. She was very small, very cold, and very hungry. She was warmed and fed, and put in an incubator. She was very well behaved.

She loved to cuddle in her blankets and sleep on top of a toy stuffed skunk. She enjoyed her bottle of milk five times a day. All enjoyed watching her play.

Two weeks later two little boy skunk were orphaned and were brought to Wild Baby Rescue Center. I thought they would be ideal roommates for our little girl. I was wrong. Mili-scent turned and sprayed. Now I’m not sure whether she was upset or excited to see them but a few days later all the baby skunk were taken to a rehab center that was a little more equipped to handle excited little skunk.

Posted on: December 1st, 2010 by Michele Lacey