American Wild Tails

Through American Wild Tails we are pleased to introduce you to animals who have been in our care. We are also thrilled to provide tips for helping wildlife. Education is an important part of our mission.

City Crocodile

You may have noticed that our newsletter is now called American Wild Tails. We are sharing our newsletter name with a wildlife rehabilitation center in South Africa. The plight of wildlife …more

Home Depot Community Service

About the Home Depot Event: Wild Baby Rescue Center, a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation center in Blairstown, that cares for New Jersey’s injured and orphaned wildlife, has been selected by the …more

Cage Building 2008

Thank-yous go to Irene McCormick, Bob Frail, Michelle Austin, Mike Sananman, Phil Davison, Elaine Dunn, Silvia Blelbtreu, Michele Lacey and Todd Wolenski, Chris Fraser for picking up and setting up …more


After a very long day of caring for more than one hundred injured and orphaned wild babies I noticed that we were running low on yogurt and bananas. These are …more

Hope and Phil feed a bottle to an injured deer

Warning: Reading This May Make You Tired My day starts at 5am. A load of baby wildlife laundry (blankets, towels, diapers, etc) is taken out of the dryer. The wet …more

Mother Opossum #2 with Joeys

Two Mother Opossum Adopt Orphaned Joeys By Hope Kosch-Davison June 17, 2006 – Woodbridge Animal Control brought twelve joeys to Wild Baby Rescue. These orphaned opossum had lost their mother …more